About Midwest Special Needs Trust

Midwest Special Needs Trust (MSNT) provides trust services for persons with disabilities. The organization was established as a result of advocacy by parents and professionals who realized that many obstacles hinder planning for the financial future of individuals with disabilities. The organization was created by statute (RSMo 402.199 - 402.220) in 1989. MSNT is a 501(c)(3) general non-profit organization established for the purpose of administering special needs trusts.

Special needs trusts are a type of trust specifically designed for individuals with disabilities. If properly structured and administered, special needs trusts do not affect an individual’s eligibility for benefits such as SSI or Medicaid.

In addition, MSNT administers the Charitable Trust. Funds of the Charitable Trust are used to provide assistance to individuals with disabilities who meet eligibility and income criteria.

MSNT is governed by a nine member Board of Trustees and its operations are conducted by a five person Staff. Board members are appointed by the governor of the State with advice and consent of the Senate. Six Board members are individuals who have a family member with a disability. Three Board members are individuals with expertise in business. Board members serve without compensation and are appointed to 3 year terms.



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